Advocacy opportunity

Jan 25, 2022

Treat Migrants Fairly

Since September, approximately 14,000 migrants have been forcefully returned to Haiti. Due to the floundering provisional government, increasing gang violence and ongoing fuel crises, they are being returned to a situation more difficult than when they fled. 

Sadly a high percentage of these deportees are testing positive for COVID upon their arrival in Haiti. Their prospects for care are minimal. 

Reports issued by the Haitian Bridge Alliance acknowledge that in many cases, U.S. officials trick migrants into boarding planes saying that they are bound for other U.S. cities. The migrants are shocked and dismayed when the plane touches down in Port-au-Prince or Cap Haitien. 

Taking Action

We have joined with other organizations to advocate for the fair treatment of Haitian migrants. Beyond Borders has petitioned the Biden administration asking that Title 42 be repealed and the migrants’ request for asylum be processed. 

You can write to your US congressional representatives too. Ask them to revoke Title 42 which is being used to mistreat Haitians. In addition, ask your elected officials to process requests for asylum. Please join us in advocating for our Haitian brothers and sisters who are being mistreated in the U.S.