Beyond Borders Fact Sheet

What we do

Beyond Borders is working to overcome poverty, prevent violence and abuse,
and develop leaders in Haiti.

We build social movements that create lasting change.
Here are some examples of what grassroots leaders in Haiti and our supporters have made possible.

Freed more than 720 children from household servitude and spared thousands from being trafficked since 2010

Equipped more than 500 families to escape extreme poverty since 2016

Organized more than 1,000 Adult Survivors of Child Slavery to protect children since 2011

Trained more than 1000 teachers at more than 60 schools since 2014 in a nonviolent, native language, participatory approach to classroom instruction

Provided cash assistance to 600 families recovering from the 2021 earthquake


Created a first-of-its-kind initiative to prevent violence against women and girls living with disabilities

Why Beyond Borders?

We build

trusting relationships.

We earn the trust and confidence of communities by building deep relationships with them. We speak Haitian Creole, understand Haitian culture and engage in respectful partnerships.

We invest

in local leadership.

We know how to recognize and nurture leadership at the grassroots to create Haitian-led social movements to end child slavery, prevent violence against women and girls, guarantee a quality education for every child, and lift families out of extreme poverty.

We’re experts

at addressing root causes.

We use proven approaches in our work, designing programming that addresses the root causes of intractable social problems and draws on the wisdom and experience of both local and global leaders.

We’re committed

to transparency and accountability.

We are consistently rated one of the best nonprofits by America’s leading independent evaluators of charities. It’s a reflection of our commitment to financial transparency and accountability to every donor.

Hosting a Beyond Borders event

One of the best ways you can help Beyond Borders

You’ve already been on a Virtual Tour. Now, consider hosting one for your family and friends.
It’s a great way to share the BB story. And we’ll provide all the support you need.

Here’s a short video of what it was like for Jaqueline and Jim Whalen when they hosted…

Interested in Hosting?

Please contact Limeteze Pierre-Gilles, SSND