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Jan 25, 2022

Family Sponsorship: You Are More Powerful Than You Think

From this distance – for those of us living in the U.S. – all we see in the news is the enormity of the challenges facing Haiti. It can make you feel like the help you can give is so small, so abstract, so distant.

And the distance you are from the people you can help probably leaves you feeling powerless too … or maybe just numb. So, let me tell you what I’ve learned to tell myself in moments like this: distance is deceptive.

Right now I know of something very powerful that you can do.

You – on your own or collectively with others you know – can sponsor a Haitian family that has nothing, empowering them to escape extreme poverty for good.

These are families who have the very least to begin with, women-led households with small children, families who have the least ability to escape the generational cycle of poverty.

Beyond Borders is beginning work with our fifth cohort of 110 of the most vulnerable, isolated, impoverished families in the communities where we work, to ensure that they can transform their lives.

So far, we’ve secured sponsors for 58 of the 110 families.

Can you help by sponsoring just one family?

The cost per family is $1,800 or $100/month for 18 months.

When you sponsor a family, you’ll be supporting a proven approach that’s empowered 97% of the most destitute families in our last four cohorts to lift themselves out of poverty.

With your sponsorship, we will make sure that:

  • their houses are repaired or if they are homeless, they get help building a house
  • they have clean water and sanitation,
  • they get livestock or goods to sell along with the training they need to be able to begin earning a living and start saving,
  • their children are in school and that they can bring home any children they’ve sent away,
  • and that they have access to health care.

You can transform an entire family’s direction in 18 months, from being destitute and dependent to having dignity and independence.

We are ready to move forward quickly.

We have construction material ready to buy along with livestock.

We have staff who are already trained and ready to support these families.

We just need you.

Please visit our website at to start your monthly sponsorship gift of $100 for 18 months or make a one-time gift of the full amount of your sponsorship.

In gratitude,



Call or write Brian Stevens at (305) 450-2561 or